Cam2Web is an extremely easy to use tool for generating web pages from digital camera pictures or scanned images. If you have tried general purpose web creation packages to create a photographic web site, and found that the process was too complicated then Cam2Web is the tool for you.
A sample web page generated with Cam2Web.


  • Interface allows simple addition of images to a web page project.
  • Supports the preview and addition of multiple file types including the following:
    .BMP -- Windows bitmap file
    .JPG -- JPEG file
    .KDC -- Kodak file for DC120 camera
    .FPX -- Flash pix from Kodak DC260
  • Personalization of picture descriptions, comments and keywords on the webpage.
  • Creates a webpage with easy viewer navigation in mind.
  • Automatic inclusion of picture information.
    Some cameras store date and time information in the picture. If this is available from a supported camera, the user can include this information on their web page with a click of a button. The cameras supported by CAM2WEB currently providing picture information are the following:
    Agfa 1680, 1280
    Canon A50
    Epson 500, 600
    Fujifilm DX-10, MX-2700, MX-600
    HP PhotoSmart C20
    Kodak DC120, DC220, DC260, DC200, DC210, DC240, DC265
    Olympus D220, D320, D340, D500, D600/D620, C2000, D400/C900
    Minolta Dimage EX
    Nikon Cool Pix 900, 950
    Sony Handycam

    If your camera is not listed and provides picture information, please let us know by email to
    If there is no support for your camera information, you may still use the program as long as your pictures are in one of the supported file types previously listed.
  • Allows customization of the thumbnail page layout, the backgrounds, navigation buttons and link sizes.

System Requirements

  • 486, Pentium or higher processor based system with mouse and keyboard
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98
  • 16 MB of RAM
  • 5 MB of free Hard Disk space for the program and
  • additional space needed for site creation.

Cam2Web is currently nearing completion of beta testing. If you would like to be considered for beta site participation for this product please send a mail message indicating your machine configuration and operating system version to

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