Frequently Asked Questions

  • My pictures look funny colors on my screen. They look fine on my camera. If you have your screen properties set to less than true (24 or 32 bit) color, your pictures will look extremely odd on your system. Change to a higher number of colors and your pictures should look better.
  • My HTML page created but it does not have any pictures in it.
    You have changed the setting to not autocreate the jpg files. You must either change the setting back and recreate your web page or manually create the jpg files by selecting all project items and the create jpg menu item.
  • Why would I want to autocreate jpg files?
    Most people will find it easier to create the jpg files when they create the web page automatically. This way you can view the project the same way others will. There may be times when you want to get a feel for the flow of your web pages based on whatever descriptions you have entered without taking the time to create the images.
  • My camera supports file info and is in the supported camera list, but Cam2Web is not displaying any information.
    The most common reason for this is that you have processed the picture in an image program that does not maintain the picture data.
  • I created my project but where is it?
    If you selected for Cam2Web to Default to creating a new subdirectory for a new project then the project will be underneath the place that Cam2Web is running in a directory under the web subdirectory ie. c:\program files\fernsoft\cam2web\web\project001.
    If you did not select for Cam2Web to create subdirectories then the project will be created wherever you specified under project options on the basic options tab. This value defaults to the web subdirectory under the running program ie. c:\program files\fernsoft\cam2web\web\.
  • I uploaded my project but when I go to my homepage nothing comes up, where is it?
    Different ISPs configure their systems to default to certain page names when you go to a persons home directory without a page qualifier. First try going to your page including the page name http:\\\~myhomedirectory\default.htm. If you can view the page by this method then it successfully made it to your ISP. Next you need to read the documentation provided by your ISP and determine what this file should be called. At this point you have three choices depending on your knowledge and the speed of your connection.

    (1) You can ftp to your isp using either the command line or one of a number of programs and copy the first page file to the new name. This will leave two copies of this htm file up there one named whatever the ISP was lookign for and one named whatever you called it. You need both copies there.

    (2) You can regenerate your project using the new name in your project properties setting and re-upload the corrected project.

    (3) You can point your friends to the fully qualified page at http:\\\~myhomedirectory\default.htm.

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